Getting Started-

 First, a detailed history is taken.  Through orthopedic and neurologic examination will be done so Dr. Jon can get a better picture of what is going on with you.  A posture evaluation will be done with Digital Images to further find out what is warranted for your situation.  Your treatment plan will then be discussed and together we will work on making your body feel great! 

Lathrop Chiropractic will gladly accept your insurance with chiropractic coverage.  We are contracted and a preferred provider for most of the big insurance companies.  Some plans may have a deductible or a copay.  For those that do not have insurance we have several options and discounts for pre-paid services.

The Chiropractic Adjustment-

The adjustment is the core of what Dr. Jon does.  Some adjustments are done using the hands on your spine, some are done using special tables, adjustments are also done with high speed, low force electric adjusting instruments.  Dr. Jon is well versed in several adjusting techniques and uses them interchangeably to fit your situation and comfort.

After the Adjustment-

Dr. Jon may do some specific stretches with you and or some posture correction activities. You may then be put on a traction table, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, infra-red light therapy or Cold Laser Therapy, the latest in therapeutic technologies.


Dr. Jon may give you posture correction activities to do at home to help speed the process of healing along.  These are very easy and do not take up much time.  A stretch/exercise plan may be designed for your specific situation.  Instructions and short videos of all the stretches and exercises will be sent home with you to simplify them for you as you do them.

Other Services-